Tea Sutra Teahouse

From 2011-2022, we (Yoshi and Akuppa) ran a specialist teahouse in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, the city of Earl Grey. The teahouse became known for its uniquely calm atmosphere, a place for sitting quietly or having good conversations with friends. Well over a hundred different teas were served, each carefully selected and prepared. Over the years, we came to know which teas were most appreciated by ourselves and our customers. We sourced teas and infusions from many parts of the world and visited plantations in India and Japan. We're now offering our selection of the best of these teas on this website.

Every Tea Tells a Story

Each of the many thousands of varieties of tea tells its own story. Its colour, feel and taste tell the tale of the place it grew, its soil and climate; and of the people who discovered it, picked it and prepared the leaves. Through the centuries, many teas have taken their place in culture and folklore. When you brew a pot of tea, you are not only taking a refreshing and flavoursome drink, you are connecting with the stories of places and people far away. Tea Sutra is dedicated not just to bringing you the tea, but bringing you into the story too.